Nikon D6, Nikon D760, Nikon Z1 and Nikon Z8 Rumors


Posted on 04/20/2019 by guidetocamera

Nikon D6, Nikon D760, Nikon Z1 and Nikon Z8 Rumors

Check out the latest updates for the upcoming Nikon full frame mirrorless and DSLR camera rumors. According to BCN post, the upcoming products from Nikon are the Nikon D6Nikon D760Nikon Z1 and Nikon Z8

Nikon D6

Let’s start with the flagship Nikon D6 DSLR camera. According to recent reports the D6 delayed due to buffer design. The earliest announcement date for the Nikon D6 is late 2019. Several reports hints that the company should announce a pro DSLR camera before 2020 Olympics. Considering the Olympics start from 24 July 2020, we might expect the flagship Nikon D6 camera in late 2019 to early 2020.

Nikon D760

Before the Nikon D6, there is a big possibility that Nikon users meet the  D750 replacement in mid-2019.  Nikon D760 is expected to have 4K video, and will be the new entry level full frame DSLR camera. See here for D760 specs.

Nikon Z1

Nikon Z1 is expected to be a cheap full frame mirrorless camera. It is rumored to be the trimmed down version of the Nikon Z6, with no IBIS and the lower resolution EVF. Alos expect the slow continuous shooting speed rates.

Nikon Z8

Nikon representatives clearly hinted that there will be models above Nikon Z7, and Nikon APS-C Sensor based Mirrorless cameras are also coming. Nikon Z8 is also on the horizon and it will probably be a fast and speedy camera similar to the Sony’s Alpha A9. The rumored 36MP sensor might be used in the Nikon Z8.

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