Fujifilm X-T200, X-T4 and X100V to be Announced Soon


Posted on 01/12/2020 by guidetocamera

Fujifilm X-T200, X-T4 and X100V to be Announced Soon

Fujifilm X-T200, X-T4 and X100V to be announced soon. Recent reports indicate that a replacement to the Fuji X-T3 is coming very soon, and it won’t be the only camera announced.

Official announcement is expected to take place on February 4, to feature the aforementioned Fujifilm X-T4 and X100V, as well as the X-T200 mirrorless camera. Just a side note that the Fujifilm X-T4 could be announced in March. 

For the X-T200, which is going to be a Fuji X-T100 replacement, it is expected to be more like an X-A7 camera. Although the detail specifications for the X-T200 are not known at the moment, we hope to come with better AF accuracy, AF speed and better Eye/Face tracking. This Fuji X-T200 camera could also bring better video capabilities (4k 30p) on a budget camera!

Fujifilm X-T4

  • It should be about 1/3 of an inch thicker and about 5-6oz heavier.
  • 6k60p and 10-bit internal
  • Anamorphic Ratio Support
  • Probably fully articulating flippy screen like the S1H

Fuji X100V

  • New lens
  • New back screen design (verified that they tried a few designs)
  • New Hybrid Viewfinder

Fuji X-T200

  • XA7 like

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